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Steel Sheds Systems Northland

Steel Shed Systems Northland/Pacific Islands designs and engineers purpose-built steel-frame buildings for rural, commercial and industrial businesses. Our experienced professional team collaborates with  you to first establish your building needs, and then to design and construct the ideal structure for your site and requirements.  Our buildings offer outstanding value for money, especially in consideration of their superior strength, design, and custom functionality. Because we can incorporate architectural features and details into our designs, your Steel Sheds Systems building will look great, too. We also cater for architectural design of steel buildings including steel sheds for food processing and campuses.

We commission our engineer to provide a preliminary engineering design after our initial consultation with the client.  This preliminary design is offered completely free of charge, and will reassure you that your potential structure has been correctly designed for all the conditions unique to your particular location and requirements. It also gives total accuracy to our pricing, and saves processing time and your money - should your project proceed - as most of the engineering design work is already done. It's simply more practical and cost effective to get the engineer involved at the beginning of the design rather than at the end!

Our process means that our clients are involved in design decisions and apprised  of budgeting and costs right from the word go. We'll discuss your every available option, and with the combination of your vision and our innovative engineering and design expertise, we'll ensure your end result is one of the best steel buildings around.

Our outstanding range of products are made locally using both structural and lightweight steel.

The Steel Shed System

  • We provide a complete design and build service from conception to completion.
  • We make your ideas and requirements an integral part of the design process, using our specialised design software.
  • Your building will be designed and built to the requirements of you and your business.
  • We run an ongoing  budget from day one and keep you up to date with all costs – no surprises.
  • We organise and manage suppliers and sub-traders for you.
  • We work with local and national regulatory bodies, planners, and engineers to ensure your building is compliant with all New Zealand laws and standards.
  • All our buildings are certified and designed to the building code of New Zealand and exceed all national requirements and standards.
  • The approach we take towards the different jobs we do for builders, architects and engineers is a flexible one.

Steel Shed Systems: Smarter, Stronger, Superior

  • Our steel is made from natural resources and can eventually be re-used or recycled.
  • Our steel buildings are very durable, strong, and flexible.
  • Our portal frame system offers excellent  weight-bearing capabilities.
  • All our buildings have the foundations reinforced with high tensile steel of up to three metres depth. The integration of this crucial strength component into the foundations allows us to design more freely, with fewer engineering restrictions. 

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Steel Shed Systems now offers the new Eco Series for smaller building requirements (9-14m spans). For more information about this new product range, click here.